Christine Anderson's Make It Your Business North American Tour

We had a blast at the Make It Your Business event in Ottawa last week. It was an amazing opportunity to hear from Christine Anderson, a Member of European Parliament for Germany, and other inspiring speakers who shared their insights and perspectives on various topics that matter to us.

The event was held at the Preston Event Centre in Ottawa after the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre broke contract 24 hours before the event. This was due to the woke MOB putting pressure on them, leaving the event organizers scrambling to find a new host. They did and we won the day. 😎👍

The venue was packed with hundreds of attendees who were eager to learn and network with like-minded people who care about the future of our world.

Some of the highlights of the tour were:

  • Vera Sharav's exposé of the hidden agendas and conflicts of interest behind the medical establishment and the pharmaceutical industry. She revealed how these powerful entities manipulate the public and the media to promote their own interests and profits, often at the expense of human health and rights.
  • Pastor Henry Hildebrandt's testimony of his experience of standing up for his faith and his congregation against the lockdown measures and the government overreach. He spoke about his courage and conviction to defend his constitutional rights and his religious freedom, despite facing harassment and persecution from the authorities and the mainstream media.
  • Billboard Chris's demonstration of his creative and effective ways of raising awareness and challenging the mainstream narratives. He showed us how he uses billboards to spread his messages and to spark conversations and debates among the public. He also gave us some tips and tricks on how to create our own billboards and how to deal with the backlash and censorship.

We were proud to be a sponsor of this event and to support Christine Anderson and her team on their North American Tour. We believe that events like this are crucial for educating and empowering people to make informed decisions and to take action for positive change.

We are looking forward to sponsoring more events like this in the future, so stay tuned and join our mailing list for updates. Thank you for being part of this journey with us. Together, we can make a difference.

Event poster (hosted by Trinity Productions):
Inspiring speech by Eva Vlaardingerbroek:

Event Photos:

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